Bethlehem Youth Academy

This is where we teach students skills they need to transform themselves, others, and our global communities.


Welcome to Bethlehem Youth Academy!

At BYA, we’re committed to inclusive education, fostering a love for learning, and personal growth. With dedicated educators, a positive school culture, and diverse activities, we prioritize academic excellence and student well-being.

Welcome to our vibrant community!

Mr. Negash
Founding father of Bethlehem Youth Academy

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Why Choose Us?

At Bethlehem Youth Academy , we offer:

1. Quality Education: Exceptional academic programs and dedicated faculty.
2. Inclusive Environment: Embracing diversity and fostering acceptance.
3. Student-Centered Approach: Tailoring education to individual needs.
4. Comprehensive Programs: Diverse extracurricular activities and clubs.
5. Safe and Caring Community: Prioritizing student well-being.
6. Parent-Teacher Collaboration: Strong partnership for student success.

Choose Bethlehem Youth Academy for a transformative educational experience that prepares students for a successful future.



Learning Begins With Us

We, at Bethlehem Youth Academy offer supportive and inspirational environments for young enquiring minds to learn and grow with us. Our passion for learning means we achieve more than outstanding results. We strive to build confident and creative thinkers and aim at delivering an education that is truly relevant to their future.

We are an early learning academy focused on social-emotional development and early literacy and numeracy. Our students walk out with the character and confidence to make their mark in the world, equipped with the knowledge and real-world skills that take them way ahead in the industry they may serve.
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We strive for virtue and quality of education!


Frequently Asked Questions

You can access important information about the school by navigating to the “About” section on the website. Here, you will find details about the school’s history, mission, vision, curriculum, facilities, and more.

The school’s contact information, including phone number, email address, and physical address, can usually be found in the “Contact Us” section of the website.

Yes, there is “Academics and Events” section that provides a schedule of important dates such as holidays, parent-teacher meetings, exams, and extracurricular activities. This section can help you stay informed about upcoming events.

The curriculum and academic programs offered by the school are usually listed under the “Academics and Event” section of the website. This section will provide detailed information about the subjects, courses, and educational approaches followed by the school.

Information regarding the admission process can typically be found under the “Academics and Events” section of the website. This section will outline the application requirements, deadlines, procedures, and any necessary forms.